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Painting by Tereza Tomastikova.

Instagram: @tomastikotereza

My name is Franz Jägerhuber and I was born in Germany at the end of October 1997. After eight years at a boarding school, I completed an apprenticeship as a forester. During my apprenticeship I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which I suffered from for several years. This illness was a big and important turning point in my life. Conventional medicine has disappointed me greatly in terms of treatment methods and told me that I would have to take medication and that I would have the disease for life. So I was at the point in my life that woke me up. Shortly thereafter I met the right people and other possibilities opened up for me and my healing.

Since then I have been dealing with the alternative and natural healing of the body and the psyche.

With the help of the coaching techniques I also use in my coachings and the spiritual work I am fine and healthy now.

My healing motivated me to start coaching, I want to pass on what I have learned and help people achieve their goals, fulfill their potential and be happy.

In addition to coaching, I am currently studying business psychology and continue to further educate myself. In May 2022 I completed my training as a mental trainer and systemic coach and psychological consultant.

I am on the right, on the left is my teacher W. Schröter.

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