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Painting by Tereza Tomastikova.

Instagram: @tomastikotereza

My name is Franz Jägerhuber and I was born in Aalen in the end of October 1997 and grew up there in an entrepreneurial family, which got me to know the leadership and employer side. After eight years at a boarding school and having graduated, I completed an apprenticeship as a forester. In these two years I got to know the employee side. And after a break I've been studying business psychology since the end of 2020. In May 2022 I completed my further education as a mental trainer and as a systemic coach and psychological consultant.

My interests and hobbies are: a healthy and tasty diet, physical and mental health, the psyche in general, playing the piano, cycling, badminton, tennis, beautiful cars and watches, animals, our nature, cross-country skiing, mountaineering and a nice get-together with friends.

I am on the right, on the left is my teacher W. Schröter.

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