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Coaching - Mental training - Consulting

(also online/phone calls and company calls)

Painting by Tereza Tomastikova.

Instagram: @tomastikotereza

Sports coaching

Coaching and mental training are important tools for athletes on their way to the top.

As is well known, the mental aspect, along with talent and training, determines success.

Various techniques and, above all, mental training (see below) are used in order to develop the athlete's potential and thus achieve the goal.

Especially when there is a standstill in the improvement process or frequent injuries, it is important to resolve the blockages so that you can move forward. And that with joy and ease.

At this point it is perhaps important to mention that you will not receive psychotherapy from me, but will achieve your goals using effective and fast-acting techniques.

Mental training

Mental training is a mind workout that can be done in as little as two minutes, half an hour or longer.

Using special techniques, one can bring oneself into a state in which one can work with her or his subconscious, e.g. to eliminate negative behaviour or trauma, and to practice mind hygiene. By mind hygiene I mean controlling negative and disturbing thoughts so they can be shut down.

In mental training you can also recover from everyday stress in just a few minutes.



Who is mental training for?

Basically, it is beneficial for everyone. Also for someone who doesn’t have any negative behaviours and isn't influenced by ingrained, bad programs either. In this case, mental training will help sharpen your mind and achieve personal goals more quickly and without unpleasant and exhausting effort. It makes life easier.

However, most, if not everyone, has multiple behaviours and traumas which limit the potential of the person and the enjoyment of life. If you don't know if you have such negative behaviours and what they are, that's no problem, because we will find out and fix them together.

Mental training is therefore good and of great benefit to anyone who wants to improve their life.


Not just theory, but most of all practice!

In a coaching session various techniques are used and trained to make life more manageable and to improve it. For example in the areas of time management, learning, sleeping, partner search and employee search. Furthermore, self healing powers can be activated. Successful techniques enable me to work very effectively and efficiently. A major goal in coaching is to be present, i.e. to be fully in the here and now, so that constant thinking has a break. Being in the here and now works wonders.

I work with techniques for example from Vera F. Birkenbihl and Winfried Schroeter, by whom I absolved my coaching education.


Here we not only work with what is already there, but also work out new things and develop them together. Among other things:

Face reading is the analysis of the physiognomy and evaluation of the face. Through Face-reading we can analyse a person's innate potential. So we can choose together the best collaborator or job applicant.

Another aspect of ​​my consulting expertise is helping companies in case of occurring problems. I not only support small companies, and medium-sized companies, but as well large companies and start-ups.


Marketing is another area of ​​consulting in which I help my clients. I help my clients to design the most effective advertisement or job advertisements, as well as to find the right product placement.

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